ClientCoca-cola Cambodia
SkillsSteam Boiler / Insulation / Piping

Project Description

Project design, engineered, delivered, erected and installed by a combined effort of Bosch and Noyakong Industrial project and service team.

Our scope of work was to supply a 5-ton Bosch steam boiler accompanying with steel platforms, piping, fitting, insulation work as a turnkey project. Steam is the most essential utility for Cambodia Coca-cola’s new production plant.

We were selected because:

  • Sound and reasonable costing for the whole project
  • Bosch’s TCO (total cost of ownership) is the lowest in the long run despite higher upfront investment cost.
  • Noyakong to make sure stock of spare parts are available for quick replacement to avoid delayed downtime

Delivery timeline: 13 weeks

Installation: 3 weeks

Commission and Startup: 1 week


Heat Loss Minimized

Pipping, Insulation and Cladding are designed and installed with the highest quality materials and work to minimize heat loss, leakage, and to ease the maintenance efforts.