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Noyakong's Story

Noyakong Group is a highly specialized company distributing products and services in Cambodia. We are a young, dynamic, and dedicated team building technical competencies to provide advanced products and services in specialized sectors including agro-industrial, healthcare, professional audio visual lighting and power & industrial equipment as well as F&B distribution and hospitality sector.

We continually explore and develop new business units which would complement our human resources and existing business portfolio.

Business Divisions

Truck scales, cleaners, dryers and storage, milling and processing, weighing and packaging

Speakers, sub-woofers, processor, mixers, amplifiers, AV receivers, audio cables, truss, lighting, LED screens, projectors

X-ray, ultrasound, diagnostic laboratory, patient monitoring and life Support devices, CT, CT Simulator, Cath-lab, PET CT, MRI

Air compressors, generators, hot-water and steam boilers, analytical laboratory devices, industrial weighing and product inspection equipment, truck scales

Exclusive distributor for Bitburger, Kostritzer, Benediktiner, Konig, Limburgse Witte, and Rio cocktails

A medieval theme restaurant and pub hosts thousands of diners and drinkers every month with fresh tap beers, fusion cuisine, live bands and DJ everyday.

Featured Projects

We are a solution provider. Tell us your business model, we will design projects to achieve ideal workflow and business process for your business.

Career & Jobs

Working at Noyakong Group means being able to commit resolutely to one thing and growing from it. As an individual and as a whole – in a family enterprise that creates challenges and opportunities to strive and succeed.